Legally Blonde the Musical Synopsis

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Legally Blonde the Musical Synopsis

Act I

Legally Blonde the Musical opens at UCLA’s Delta Nu sorority house, where Margot, Serena and Pilar are celebrating the news that campus dreamboat Warner Huntington III is set to propose to their bubbly, blonde president, Elle Woods. As they speculate on the details, Elle shops at the mall for the perfect dress (“Ohmigod You Guys”). After she picks up on a sneaky sales girl trying to oversell her an outfit, Elle prepares for her romantic dinner, thinking that Warner is about to pop the question. But instead of declaring his love, he tells her that he is looking for a more serious girlfriend (“Serious”) as he moves to Harvard Law School. Heartbroken, Elle comes up with a masterplan to follow him to Harvard and prove that she can be serious enough for him. The girls quickly point out that getting into Harvard is no easy feat, and they help her study to boost her application. After her parents agree to fund her, Elle prepares a unique personal essay, surprising the admissions team by telling them that it is love that has motivated her career change (“What You Want”).

After receiving her acceptance, Elle is discouraged by her snobby classmates, who sniff at her pink attire, perky attitude and little dog, Bruiser (“The Harvard Variations”). Her teaching assistant, Emmett Forrest, is the only person who shows her any kindness, but even he cannot save her from Professor Callahan, who teaches the class that the only way to succeed is to be a shark (“Blood in the Water”). On her way out of class, Elle meets Warner’s new girlfriend Vivienne Kensington, who has surprisingly flat hair. At a moment of tragedy, her sorority sisters arrive to convince her that everything will be fine (“Positive”). Elle decides that it must be her blonde hair that is holding her back, so she heads to the Hair Affair Salon to make a drastic change. Beautician Paulette Bonafonte warns her against her decision, offering words of wisdom (“Ireland”). Vivienne then invites Elle to a costume party, convincing Elle that she has finally made a friend.

Arriving at the party dressed inappropriately as a Playboy Bunny, Elle realises that Vivienne tricked her, so she decides to win over Warner regardless of her attire. After a disappointing response she leaves, running into Emmett on her way. He tries to console her (“Chip on My Shoulder“), teaching her that she needs to earn Warner’s respect by not trying too hard. With a new attitude in place, Elle challenges Warner in a classroom debate and goes to help Paulette win a legal battle that will boost her confidence. In class, everyone is scrambling to get one of Callahan’s coveted internship positions, and Warner proposes to Vivienne in front of Elle. Thinking that her trip to Harvard has been a waste of time, Emmett reminds her that she has earned an internship position (“So Much Better”).

Act II

Act Two opens with fitness guru Brooke Wyndham demonstrating her latest workout video, viewed by Callahan, Elle and their legal team (“Whipped into Shape”). Brooke has been accused of murdering her husband, and the legal team, which includes the newly engaged Warner and Vivienne, must go and investigate. Brooke and Elle make a connection, due to both being from Delta Nu, and Brooke informs her that she is being framed as she was getting liposuction at the time of the incident. Elle promises to keep her dreadful secret and think of another way out, even though it could spare her from jail. Elle’s loyalty quickly annoys the legal team, who turn their backs on Elle and Emmett. Taking him to a department store, she gives Emmett a fabulous makeover (“Take It Like a Man”).

At Paulette’s salon, a very hunky UPS delivery guy arrives with a package, and the sorority sisters come to help teach Paulette to bend and snap to win her man (“Bend and Snap”). Unfortunately, she tries but accidentally knocks him out!

Meanwhile, Brooke’s trial is underway and her pool boy gives evidence about his love affair with her. She profusely denies, and after Elle performs the bend and snap in front of him, she realises that he must be gay. Rushing to tell Callahan, she realises that nobody believes her (“There! Right There!”)! Emmett then takes to the floor for questioning, getting him to admit that he is in fact gay and has not been having an affair with Brooke.

As the legal team celebrate their win, Warner is dismissive of Elle’s success and is reprimanded by Callahan, who sends him away to buy coffee. As the others leave, Callahan kisses Elle, which is seen by both Warner and Vivienne, who misread the situation. Although Vivienne witnesses Elle slapping Callahan, she doesn’t let on to Warner, and Elle is rejected once again – but not before she realises she is in love with Emmett (“Legally Blonde”).

Elle decides to say farewell to Paulette, but is convinced to put on her best pink dress and parade into the courtroom, helping Paulette win the heart of the UPS guy on the way. Brooke then fires Callahan and takes on Elle as her attorney, with the help of Emmett. Brooke’s wicked stepdaughter Chutney takes to the stand, informing the Judge that she stepped out of the shower and saw Brooke standing over the dead body of her father. Elle quickly spots an error in the story, and the scene transforms into the bathroom where the crime took place. Elle tells the court that Chutney could not have been in the shower, as her perm was still intact. After intense questioning, Chutney confesses to killing her own father, as she mistook him for Brooke (“Scene of the Crime/Omigod You Guys (Reprise)”.

Celebrating Elle’s success, Warner gets down on one knee and proposes to her. Although that is why she originally went to Harvard, Elle realises that she has changed (“Find My Way/Finale”). Swiftly, the action moves to three years later, with Elle Woods herself as valedictorian at her graduation. She proposes to Emmett, who accepts, and we see that everyone has a happy ending – apart from Warner.

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